Little Indy Feek Is Talking Even More Than Ever!


Throughout Joey Feek’s brave cancer battle, the family shared their stories of faith, family, and love – most if it being shared through Rory Feek’s stunning blog. Now, it seems Indiana’s big sisters are taking on some of that and bringing some great moments from their lives to light.

Born in February 2014, country duo Joey + Rory’s little girl, Indiana, was one of the best gifts they had ever received and a shining beacon of love in their heart-melting love story together. Diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Indiana has¬†flourished in life – and continued to since her mother’s passing with the incredible support system from her family.

With all the great strides she’s made in crawling, walking, and simply being a bundle of joy that brings smiles to everyone she meets, little Indiana is also making incredible progress with her speech and talking!

In a new post by her half-sister, ¬†Heidi Feek, little Indy sits down for a fun little telephone playtime that shows just how much progress she’s making.

Heidi captioned the adorable video with an equally cute phrase, saying, “Indiana would like to talk to u!”

Playing telephone, Heidi pretends to be on the phone with someone and then hands the phone off to little Indy after she motions and asks to talk.

Watch Indy’s adorable telephone playtime in the video below! We are so happy to see her having a great time with her big sister!