Gwen Stefani Shares What She Really Thinks About Blake Shelton’s Dance Moves

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Most of the hysterical moments that take place on The Voice occur between its panel of four coaches. Since the coaches have changed from season to season, each lineup has its own unique chemistry and inside jokes.

The current coaches have been cracking us up so far this season. From Blake Shelton and Adam Levine‘s typical bromance banter to the playful teasing between Shelton and Gwen Stefani, the season has been quite comedic so far.

But sometimes it’s the stuff that happens behind the scenes that results in some of the most hysterical moments. The coaches often play games backstage, which always produce hilarious one-liners and other chuckle-worthy moments.

Following the knockouts, the coaches sat down backstage to play a little game of “Rad or Bad.” The way the game works is that the person behind the camera will name an object, person, or activity and the coaches have to answer whether they think it is rad, as in good, or bad.

Some of the things that The Voice asked its coaches to rank as rad or bad included denim on denim outfits, breakfast for dinner, and self-driving cars. They also asked the coaches what they think about day drinking, to which Shelton instantly responded with “rad.”

Stefani was a bit more hesitant, and eventually decided that nothing good could come out of day drinking. “It seems like a good idea at the time, but pretty much guaranteed regret,” she said.

That isn’t the only question that Shelton and Stefani had differing answers on. A little later in the game, the coaches were asked if Shelton’s dance moves are rad or bad. Shelton painfully admitted that they were bad, but Stefani didn’t seem to agree.

When Stefani was asked about Shelton’s dance moves she was quick with her response, “Rad, babe,” she said.

It seems that Alicia Keys sides with Stefani, wondering how anyone could dispute the quality of Shelton’s dance moves.”So rad!” she said. “Have you seen them? Come on!

We haven’t seen Shelton’s dance moves, but we guess we’ll take Stefani and Keys’ word for it! Tune in below to find out what the Voice coaches’ opinions are on other things, such as man buns and selfie sticks. The video is sure to give you a good laugh!