Keith Urban Explains How He Knew Carrie Underwood Was ‘The Girl’ For ‘The Fighter’

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Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood‘s peppy duet “The Fighter” was the talk of of the town in country music a few years back. Since the song was so popular, it’s hard to imagine how it would sound if anyone other than Underwood sang it with Urban. During an interview with Fox News, Urban said he feels the same way, and did before he ever recorded the song.

As Urban revealed, he knew from the start that Underwood had to be his duet partner on “The Fighter.” “When we wrote it, we both just said, ‘It’s Carrie. She’s got to be the girl for sure,'” he said.

Although Urban had never recorded anything with Underwood previously, had had performed with her before. Because of that, he knew exactly how her voice would sound when paired up with his.

I love singing with her,” he said. “I love the way her voice sits with where I sing and this song.”

Urban was elated when Underwood agreed to record “The Fighter” with him. It seems that his choice in duet partner was spot-on, because the song made waves after it was released. The hype around the song was only heightened following the duo’s fiery performances of it at the Grammys and ACM Awards.

Then there’s the music video, which has generated millions upon millions of views.

If you haven’t seen the music video before, you’re sure to enjoy it. It’s fun and upbeat, and Underwood shows off a few dance moves as well! Tune in below to check it out.

We agree with Urban, there was no better person to sing “The Fighter” with him than Underwood!