9 Of Rory & Indy Feek’s Father-Daughter Moments

Joey + Rory Facebook

All throughout Joey Feek‘s brave battle against cancer, there was one thing, or rather, one person, who always served as a source of hope for her and Rory…their little girl Indiana.

As Rory kept the world updated with how Joey was doing, he also shared photos and stories of Indy, who was a ray of sunshine in a sad time. Since Joey passed away on March 4, 2016, Rory has relied on his baby girl more than ever to bring him happiness and strength. And she’s done just that.

Rory and Indy’s bond is something truly special, as made clear in the many photos Rory continues to share of them together. To honor the powerful father-daughter relationship Rory and Indy share, we’ve gathered together some of their sweetest photos.

Family Photo With Joey, Heidi, and Hopie

Rory Feek/This Life I Live

Rory shared this image on his blog, This Life I Live, after his older daughters Heidi and Hopie came by to visit Joey. Everyone stopped to pose for a cute family snapshot, while little Indy clutched a book in her hands.

Even with so much sadness surrounding them, Joey + Rory were able to find a moment of happiness…all thanks to their beautiful daughters.

Meeting Santa

Rory Feek/This Life I Live

Christmas 2015 is one that Rory will always treasure. Joey was able to get up and celebrate along with her family, and she was there when Indy got a visit from a surprise guest…Santa Claus!

Rory shared this adorable photo of him with Indy, Joey, and Santa, and we can’t resist that sweet smile on Indy’s face, or Rory’s!

Enjoying A Warm Fire

Joey + Rory Facebook

When Joey was sick, the Feek’s good friend and gospel icon Bill Gaither would often build a large bonfire outside so Joey could enjoy watching it glow. One time when Bill did this, Rory bundled Indy up and took her outside to enjoy the warmth of the fire. 

In the midst of such sadness, Rory was able to find joy in the arms of his sweet little girl.

Coming Back Home

Joey + Rory Facebook

Joey wanted to go back to her home state of Indiana to be with her family to live out her final days. So Rory and Indy left their Tennessee farmhouse behind and stayed in Indiana to be with Joey.

After Joey passed away, Rory and Indy made the bittersweet return home. This picture was the first one Rory shared following Joey’s death, with the simple caption “home.

Finding Peace At Joey’s Memorial

Rory Feek/This Life I Live

Following Joey’s funeral in Tennessee, Rory and Indy made one final trip back to Indiana where Joey’s hometown honored her during a memorial service. The service included speeches from Joey’s family, and her high school also gave Rory a special letterman jacket to remember her by. 

Rory kept Indy close to his side the whole time, and the two of them cuddled up to one another in this precious snapshot.

 Soaking Up Some Sun

Joey + Rory Facebook

In one of Rory and Indy’s sweetest photos, the father/daughter duo sat down to enjoy some Tennessee sunshine. The smiles on both of their faces said it all, showing just how much joy that simple moment brought to them.

Rory shared the photo on Facebook, writing that Indy is his “little bundle of Joey.

Breakfast Date With The Cast Of ‘Josephine’

Joey + Rory Facebook

To celebrate the debut of his film, Josephine at the Nashville Film Festival, Rory invited some of the cast members and their families to join him, Indy, Heidi, and Hopie for breakfast. The group dined at the restaurant/bakery named Marcy Jo’s which was opened up near the Feek’s home by Joey and her sister-in-law, Marcy. 

We’ve seen Indy smiling in most of the pictures with her papa, but her grin in this one is as big as the saucers on the table!

Spending Time At Church

Joey + Rory Facebook

Every Sunday, Rory gets Indy all dressed up in her cutest clothes and takes her with him to church. They’ve been attending church at the big red barn on their property, which used to serve as Joey + Rory’s concert hall. Now, it is home to the Cross Country Cowboy Church.

True to its name, the church has a saddle out on the front porch. Wearing a pair of overalls with white horses all over them, Indy hopped up on the saddle while Rory stayed close by to supervise. The two ended up exchanging a sweet look with one another, which was captured forever in the photo above.

Sharing Happy Easter Wishes

Joey + Rory Facebook

Rory and Indy made the trip to Indiana to spend Easter with Joey’s family one year. Indy got the chance to get all dressed up, and wore a poofy dress with a beautiful floral pattern.

The day was a happy one for both father and daughter, who took this sweet snapshot together. You know the saying, a picture is a worth a thousand words, and this one says so many.

But the one that sticks out the most? Love.