Indy Feek Looks Like A Precious Princess In Stunning New Photos

Rory Feek/This Life I Live

For Easter this year, Rory and Indy Feek made the trek all the way to Indiana, where Joey‘s family lives. The two enjoyed a fun and joyous weekend with Joey’s family before they returned home to Tennessee.

But a couple of weeks before they went to Indiana, Rory had to make a solo trip to Washington D.C. for an event related to the Grammys. Rory left Indy in the care of his good friend Jan Harris, who is also an amateur photographer.

Shortly before Rory and Indy left on their Easter trip, Jan showed up at his front door with a surprise for him. As Rory wrote on his latest blog post, Jan had a huge smile on her face as she handed him an envelope:

Jan showed up at the door with an envelope that had my name on it, along with the words ‘Happy Easter, Love Jan.’  She actually brought a almost a dozen of them.  There were envelopes for Heidi and Hopie and my two sisters, and also one for each of Joey’s parents and her three sisters.

So what was inside the envelope? A bunch of beautiful photos of Indy, which Jan took with another photographer friend, Melanie McCaleb. The two took the photos while Rory was away in Washington D.C.

Rory shared some of the photos on his blog, which show Indy looking like a princess in a blue Easter dress and matching flower crown.

Jan Harris/Melanie McCaleb/This Life I Live

Jan and Melanie took the photos in an open field at sunset, and managed to capture some stunning shots. Jan bought Indy’s outfit for the shoot, and also borrowed a bunny and some baby chicks. The way Indy looked next to the sweet little critters was picture-perfect.

Jan Harris/Melanie McCaleb/This Life I Live

Needless to say, Rory was quite surprised by Jan’s gift. He expressed his thankfulness to her in his blog, writing how she did everything “to create a special gift and memory of Easter this year for me, and for our entire family.

Jan Harris/Melanie McCaleb/This Life I Live

We have a feeling that Rory will treasure this special gift for the rest of his life. We always love looking at pictures of Indy, and these have to be some of the sweetest photos we’ve ever seen of her.

Indy first appeared in front of the camera the day that she was born. Footage from that special day was later included in Joey + Rory‘s music video for “If I Needed You.” You can watch the touching clip below.