Rory Feek Sings Blake Shelton’s “Some Beach” At 2010 Concert With Joey

Ashley Diener / YouTube

Rory’s Solo Past

Before Rory Feek met his future wife, Joey, he made a living writing songs for some of Nashville’s biggest stars. He continued writing songs after he and Joey married and formed their own country music duo, Joey + Rory.

Over the years, Rory has crafted songs for everyone from Tracy Byrd (“The Truth About Men”) to Easton Corbin (“A Little More Country Than That”).

But as a songwriter, Rory has never scored a bigger hit than a goofy tune that eventually landed in the hands of Blake Shelton.

That Hilarious Hit Song Is…

That tune was none other than “Some Beach,” which was released in 2004 as the second single off of Blake’s album Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill. Co-written by Rory and Paul Overstreet, the song features a comical play on words, making it the perfect fit for Blake.

Apparently fans agreed, because “Some Beach” cruised all the way to the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart. It was also a crossover hit, and peaked at the 28th spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

For those of you that know “Some Beach,” we bet you never imagined that Rory was one of the people that wrote it! But as he proved by co-writing Joey + Rory’s hit single “Cheater, Cheater,” Rory occasionally likes to throw some humor into his songwriting.

Now Listen To Rory Sing It Live

Years after Blake turned “Some Beach” into a major chart hit, Joey + Rory performed it at one of their many shows in 2010. Typically Joey would sing lead, but since “Some Beach” was Rory’s song, she was happy to let her husband take charge.

Joey jumped in to provide the occasional harmony, as she swayed and danced by Rory’s side. The two seemed to be having a fun time, and based on the crowd’s reaction, we’d say the whole thing was a splash!

Go ahead and tune in below to check out Rory’s energetic performance of “Some Beach.” It’s sure to put a smile on your face!