Dolly Parton Joins Rory Feek On “One Angel,” A Song About His Late Wife, Joey

Dolly Parton / Facebook, Rory Feek / YouTube

When Joey Feek was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, her husband and singing partner, Rory Feek, wrote about her fight on his blog. Millions of people learned about their story, began listening to their music, and most importantly, prayed for Joey.

One of the people who began following their story was none other than Dolly Parton, who just so happened to be Joey’s idol. Joey’s fight, and her faith, caught the country legend’s attention so much that she sent Joey a video message telling her how big a fan she was and encouraged her to continue fighting. When Joey saw Dolly on her TV screen, her face lit up.

Sadly, Joey passed away just a few weeks after Dolly sent her video message, but even until her last breath, Joey’s faith was strong.

Rory writes, “When all the prayers didn’t work out like she and we hoped they would, [she] continued to smile and trust in Him, even when most of the rest of us probably wouldn’t have.

Her faith inspired Rory to write a song called “One Angel,” which is included on his album Gently Man. A friend of Rory’s sent the song to Dolly and the song moved her so much that she asked to sing the song with him, not only harmonizing, but an entire verse!

“The voice of an angel, sang for an angel,” Rory said.

Rory wrote about the importance of the song, and Dolly’s contributions, on his blog while sharing the music video.

“God is so good. Even when things go bad,” he finished the blog post. Watch the music video for “One Angel” below.