20-Year-Old Fish Market Worker Auditions For “X-Factor” With “Make You Feel My Love”

YouTube/The X Factor UK

A young girl who spends her time cleaning fish for a living took a chance to make her dreams come true when she auditioned for the X-Factor and she never expected this kind of response from the judges!

Lola Saunders credits her grandmother and grandfather with being her biggest fans, but after this 2014 audition, there were certainly many more people watching from home that became instant fans of hers – and that includes all of the judges!

Saunders, who said that she comes home reeking of fish from her day job, was looking for a way to break out of that profession and into singing. She said that singing is the only thing she can do well and that’s why she was taking a crack at these auditions.

Singing a piano-backed version of the classic hit, “Make You Feel My Love”, Saunders brought the judges exactly what they had been looking for and each of them loved every minute of it.

This incredible song has been recorded by many talented artists and has become successful singles for notable acts like Garth Brooks, Adele, Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, and many more. Bob Dylan, who penned the hit, also released his own version in 1997 – the same year that Billy Joel debuted the song to radio.

Watch this young lady blow the roof off of the audition studio with her soulful and heartfelt performance of this timeless song – and watch as the judges’ faces are overcome with amazement and joy as the realize how good she is!