88-Year-Old Vet Hits Pitbull With Lawn Ornament While It Attacks 10-Year-Old Girl

photo credit: Virginia Cha 10News / Facebook

88-Year-Old Veteran Answers Girl’s Call For Help

Leonard Miller, an 88-year-old combat medic during the Korean War was sitting in his house on Sunday afternoon when he heard someone loudly knocking at his front door.

Little Girl’s Sister Is Being Attacked By Pitbull

As he opened the door he saw a panicked little girl screaming and begging for help, saying her sister was being attacked by a dog next door. The two girls were home alone without their parents when the dog turned on her 10-year-old sister.

Leonard being a military veteran sprang into action and immediately followed the little girl over to her home. On his way into the house, he grabbed a Christmas decoration from the front yard, a 2-foot tall nutcracker lawn ornament and proceeded to make his way to where the dog and girl were.

“That dog had that little girl down on the floor and just growling and just shaking her,” he told ABC News. “It was just shaking her, just like a dog would grab a wild animal.”

Battling The Pitbull To Save The Girl

Leonard banged the dog on the head a few times with the lawn ornament but the dog didn’t budge. Then he knocked the dog over the back one good time and it finally let go. The moment the dog let loose, the two sisters quickly scrambled out of the home and Leonard yelled “no” at the dog to discourage it from trying to attack the girl again or himself.

They all ran over to his place and that’s when Leonard called the police. While they waited he used a wet rag to wrap over the little girl’s arm to stop the bleeding and when paramedics got there they said because he did that, he saved her life.

The girl was taken to the hospital with serious arm injuries and had to have surgery at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio. Leonard started getting praises for being a hero, but his response was, “Just a neighbor doing what I had to do to save a kid.”

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