Airborne Turtle Crashes Through Driver’s Windshield

St. Lucie County Fire District / Facebook

St. Lucie County Fire District shared a few photos on Facebook showing the aftermath of a car after an airborne turtle flew through the air and crashed through the windshield of another vehicle.

Authorities said that the incident happened around 5 o’clock in the evening in Saint Lucie, Florida. A local called in to report that a semi-truck was driving southbound on the highway when it drove past a turtle on the side of the road and knicked it.

It was barely a knick of the turtle’s shell, but the force was so strong it shot the turtle into the air and it flew across the highway slamming into the windshield of another vehicle driving the same direction as the semi.

The turtle smashed right through the middle of the windshield and ended up landing in the backseat of the car. Through a miracle, the turtle was unharmed and didn’t have a scratch on it. It was a full-grown turtle with about a 10-inch shell.

Once authorities arrived on the scene, they removed the turtle from the vehicle and took it to a safe place where it could be released. Fortunately, the people in the damaged vehicle were also unharmed and left the scene with only a broken windshield to repair.

St. Lucie County Fire District wrote on Facebook, “Shortly after 5pm a call came in for a single vehicle mvc at mm176 on the turnpike in northern SLC. A semi driving southbound, knicked a turtle causing it to go airborne and through a windshield of a nearby vehicle. Both driver and turtle were unharmed. The turtle was released safely.”

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