Are ‘American Idol’s’ Noah Thompson And HunterGirl Dating?

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Noah Thompson and Hunter Wolkonowski – known as HunterGirl – were fierce competitors on Season 20 of American Idol. Noah was the champion and Hunter was the runner up.

Because they were the last standing in the competition, and sang the same style of music, Noah and Hunter got very close throughout the competition.


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Now, just a few months after the season ended, there is still talk of the two musicians…but not in a way that Noah particularly likes.

There is a rumor floating around, apparently, that implies that Noah and his longtime girlfriend Angel – who he shares a son with – have broken up and that Noah is dating Hunter now.

During an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Noah shut down those rumors once and for all.

“The only thing that bothers me is people talking about, like, Hunter,” he said. “We had our trailers side-by-sideThat’s not something we picked. We became close, man. We talked about how one person was feeling this way … she was just kind of there for me and I was there for her. We just became best friends, man.”

As for Noah’s girlfriend? Noah says she and Hunter are very close friends as well!

He says, “They’re good friends. Angel, once Angel flew down here, Hunter and Angel talked. They’re good friends. People just need to quit. Nobody has done a single thing.”

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