Country Radio Host Bobby Bones Mourns Loss Of Friend He ‘Loved Dearly’

Broadcast out of Nashville, The Bobby Bones Show is led by its namesake, Bobby Bones. While Bobby and his co-hosts mainly discuss country music, topics pertaining to pop culture and current events come up from time to time. Bobby and his co-hosts are also comfortable with discussing their personal lives on-air. It’s through the show that listeners learned about Bobby’s beloved dog […] More

Popular Country Radio Host Recently Asked To Be ‘The Bachelor’

When it comes to country radio, Bobby Bones is one of the biggest names out there. After being in the radio business since he was 17, Bones is now the host of his own nationally syndicated country radio show, The Bobby Bones Show. In the five years since The Bobby Bones Show started being broadcast nationwide, the show has an estimated […] More

Country Music Producer Wins $50,000 Voting For Trump

Before the 2016 election got REALLY heated, one country radio producer took a chance everyone thought wasn’t going to pull through. Back in 2015, when things were first starting to heat up in the race for the White House, country music radio producer Ray Slater from the Bobby Bones Show took some hefty odds on […] More