Country Radio Host Bobby Bones Mourns Loss Of Friend He ‘Loved Dearly’

Bobby Bones / Instagram

Broadcast out of Nashville, The Bobby Bones Show is led by its namesake, Bobby Bones. While Bobby and his co-hosts mainly discuss country music, topics pertaining to pop culture and current events come up from time to time.

Bobby and his co-hosts are also comfortable with discussing their personal lives on-air. It’s through the show that listeners learned about Bobby’s beloved dog Dusty, who was diagnosed with cancer. 

Every so often, Bobby would update his listeners on how Dusty was doing. When he was first diagnosed, the outcome didn’t look good. But at 14 years of age, Dusty outlived any vet’s expectations.

Sadly, the day that Bobby had been dreading came on Wednesday (March 14). 

As Bobby shared on Instagram, Dusty “jumped into doggie heaven” that day after fighting his long battle against cancer. Calling Dusty his “shotgun rider,” Bobby wrote of how his trusty pup was always by his side.

Through all the crazy life changes, this dude was my constant,” he wrote. “I loved him dearly.

Along with his announcement, Bobby also shared a series of photos of him and Dusty. The first photo shows the two of them from fairly recent times, as they both looked at each other with total adoration.

We can tell that Bobby is devastated over Dusty’s death. Our hearts go out to him as he copes with the loss of his dear friend.