Fan Films Luke Bryan Doing Something You Can Describe With One Word…Disgusting

Sara-Grace Law / Twitter

As a country fan, we’re sure you’ve been to your fair share of rowdy concerts. And no one out there knows how to get a crowd riled up quite like Luke Bryan.

There’s a reason why Bryan has taken home the Entertainer of the Year Award at both the ACMs and CMAs. He gives each show his all, and makes a deliberate effort to make sure his fans have a good time.

So when one Australian crowd encouraged Bryan to join in on one of their concert traditions, he was totally game. Anything to make the fans happy, right?

Even if that anything involves drinking beer out of a boot?

Yes, you read that right. You see, in Australia, the folks partake in what they call a “shoey.” If you do a shoey, it means that you take a drink out of someone’s boot…and we’re not talking a brand-new, just came from the store kind of boot.

Since it was Bryan’s debut show in Australia, he knew he had to take part in the unusual concert tradition. His particular shoey experience was all the more disgusting since he used a fan’s boot instead of his own.

One fan named Sara-Grace Law caught the whole experience on video, and that video is now making its rounds. In the caption, Law wrote that the video showed Bryan partaking in “the most disgusting Australian thing of all time.”

If we had to use one word to describe this, disgusting would be exactly it.

Law could be heard screaming “Oh my God, he’s going to do it!” right before Bryan asked if he could have another beer to pour in the boot. Hey, go big or go home, right?

After that, Bryan courageously took a sip out of the boot before dumping the remainder of the beer all over himself. Based on the crowd’s reaction, they were pumped to see him take part in their shoey tradition.

You can watch the whole crazy thing unfold by checking out the video below. Would you ever do something like this?