Country Music Producer Wins $50,000 Voting For Trump

Credit: iheartmedia

Before the 2016 election got REALLY heated, one country radio producer took a chance everyone thought wasn’t going to pull through.

Back in 2015, when things were first starting to heat up in the race for the White House, country music radio producer Ray Slater from the Bobby Bones Show took some hefty odds on a bet that so many people thought he would lose.

Slater bet $1,000 firmly on Donald Trump winning the election. At the time, his odds were absolutely massive because nobody thought he would make it as far as he did.

At 50:1 odds, his paltry $1,000 could turn into $50,000 based on America’s decision.

“At the time I made the bet EVERYONE was talking about the Donald. I went on sportsbook and he was THE BIGGEST LONGSHOT. That made no sense to me so I made the bet THAT DAY. I knew he’d be in the news for the next year and he was SO INTERESTING. I knew he would be getting on the news networks simply because he was fascinating,” Slater tells TFM.

So, needless to say his bet has most certainly paid off! And what’s even more interesting is that when he placed the bet, it wasn’t about Trump winning the presidency, but rather that Trump would be in the news for a full year over his comments to run for office!

What will Slater do with his huge stacks of cash? Well, according to his main DJ, Bobby Bones, he’s planning on purchasing a house!

Check out Bobby’s full post about the bet and Ray Slater’s bio in the video below!