Country Fan Involved In Life-Threatening Accident Pleads For Blake Shelton’s Help

Jonathan Daniels Facebook

As his girlfriend’s 23rd birthday approached, Jonathan Daniels had the perfect present in mind for her. His girlfriend, Lindsay, is a huge Blake Shelton fan, so he decided to surprise her with a pair of tickets to his concert in Brooklyn, New York on October 8.

Jonathan was finally able to give Lindsay the tickets on her birthday on September 14. But any excitement they had about the upcoming concert was shattered the following day. 

On September 15, Jonathan was out riding his motorcycle with a group of friends when his life changed forever. A car pulled out in front of the group, with Jonathan writing that “fortunately only one of us was injured.” However, that person was Jonathan.

Jonathan wrote about the accident on Facebook, saying he “bounced off of the car and was ejected into a telephone pole,” leaving him unable to move. His injuries were life-threatening, and the first responders on the scene doubted that he would make it through the night.

With two collapsed lungs, bleeding on the brain, a lacerated liver, and countless other injuries, Jonathan spent ten days in the trauma intensive care unit and 15 days in the hospital overall. But he managed to pull through, and is slowly making his way down the road to recovery today.

Jonathan said that through it all, Lindsay never left his side and kept praying for his recovery. Now that he’s out of the hospital, Lindsay has to assist Jonathan with everyday tasks such as showering, eating, and walking.

Because of Jonathan’s accident, he and Lindsay didn’t get the chance to go see Blake in concert on October 8. But now, Jonathan is reaching out to Blake with the hope that he can help give Lindsay her birthday gift at last.

I was just hoping maybe you would see this letter and help me give her the birthday present she deserves,” he wrote. “All she wants is to see you in concert. It would just make her day and make her smile which is all I want to do!!

Jonathan’s post has already been shared thousands of times, so hopefully it will come to Blake’s attention. Go ahead and do your part by sharing the post as well.

Our prayers go out to Jonathan for a complete and full recovery.