Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines Storms Twitter With Searing Political Tweets


Natalie Maines has been making headlines with her internet statements, as most of her recent tweets have been targeted at the CMAs after her controversial performance with pop superstar Beyoncé. Maines is not one to revert from conflict, profoundly standing her ground and make her opinions heard, whether appreciated by fans or not!

During the election, Maines took to her Twitter account to post a string of ultra sassy tweets, gradually becoming more and more brazen as the night unfolded. Her initial tweet began on an anti-Trump note as the singer confidently posted this photo below for her followers to enjoy.

However, the fire was only beginning to burn, as Maines’ post quickly heated up and she chose to freely speak her mind, even hinting a rigged election in her previous tweets!


While a good majority of her fans found the singer as their comic relief of the night, others were a bit offended by the band member’s remarks.

Despite any criticism, Maines wrapped up her night with a tweet that really got readers talking in both support and sheer disbelief at the election outcome.

Ouch! What do you think of Maines’ posts? Do you agree?