Kurt & Kyle Busch Duke It Out In Fight For Finish

Looks like one of the Busch brothers is going home a winner…and apparently will also be looking for another ride home! Just after this crazy neck-and-neck duel for the finish line, it appears that a pouting Busch brother has left his winning sibling on the track and taken his plane back home – leaving his […] More

Dale Jr.’s Niece Caught In Brutal Crash

The young niece of famous NASCAR racer and son of a legend, Dale Earnhardt Jr., was involved in one of the most brutal and scary crashes we have seen in a very long time. Truly, racing is in the Earnhardt family blood, and it would be hard to keep any of them off the track […] More

NASCAR Driver Makes Explosive Baby Announcement

Just over a month after this star driver and his wife announced to the world that they were expecting the newest addition to their family, they’ve made yet another announcement – and this time, it involved fireworks! Happy announcement- Pink or blue, we are happy to be #goingfor2 🥰 👶 pic.twitter.com/rwiVOb6Zsn — Brad Keselowski (@keselowski) […] More

Kyle Busch’s Net Worth Is Less Than $70 Million

You might recognize him as the famous driver of the M&M’s #18 car or maybe even could pick him out of a crowd – but did you know how much Kyle Busch is actually worth? The truth might just surprise you. Kyle, the 34-year-old polarizing motorsports star, has been racing in the highest series of […] More

Tony Stewart’s Longtime Employee Killed In Crash

A veteran employee of more than a decade at Tony Stewart’s racing team and a beloved member of their working family has tragically passed away after succumbing to injuries sustained during a crash on Tuesday night (June 4th, 2019). We lost a good one last night. 10 years of working together you become family. Please […] More

NASCAR Driver Rushed To Hospital After Snake Attacked Dog

One NASCAR star and his wife rushed to the local veterinary hospital earlier today after a terrifying incident involving a copperhead snake and their beloved dog – right in front of their eyes. Sure don't miss Texas. Walked right into a 3 foot Copperhead snake today pic.twitter.com/5J0WTBWKUz — SWU PREMIERS 02 (@tdswuarsenal) May 25, 2014 […] More

Man Buys Danica Patrick A Drink – Right In Front Of Boyfriend

Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick was the center of attention during a riveting showdown between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks last night (Weds. May 8th, 2019) at Fiserv Forum. Not only was she there with her boyfriend and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, but apparently the man sitting behind her also was […] More

Dale Jr.’s Mom Dies At 65

Today is a sad day in the world after one of NASCAR‘s most-loved drivers has lost his mother at just 65 years old… Dale Earnhardt Jr., who was voted NACAR’s most popular driver 14-times in a row, lost his mother, Brenda Jackson, just one day after Easter Day on April 22nd, 2019. Dale Jr. previously lost […] More

NASCAR Driver Drops Child Down Pillow Chute

Captured on tape just from across the aisle of a local Target, this often-polarizing NASCAR star drops his young son right into the top of a massive pillow chute. Currently, in the racing off-season, 33-year-old Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha have been busy running around town putting the finishing touches on their holiday shopping […] More