See Dale Jr.’s 1st Father’s Day With His Beautiful Baby Girl

Having already celebrated Mother’s Day with his stunning wife, this NASCAR star and famous sports personality got to have his own day to celebrate being a dad! Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Isla Rose, into the world on April 30th, 2018 – just a day before their expected […] More

Amy Earnhardt Falls Down Staircase

Just before the debut of their brand new remodeling TV special, new mom Amy Earnhardt took a tumble down a staircase outside of a local restaurant – and made a fair scene of it! Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy debuted their new DIY Network show on Saturday, June 2nd, but the day prior […] More

Dale Jr.’s Surprising Confession About Off-Track Driving

Just days after one of the biggest races of the year, this longtime NASCAR star is making a startling confession about his driving when he’s not on the track. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy Earnhardt sat down with DIY Network this week just a few days after watching the world-famous Indy 500 over the […] More

Sad Danica Patrick Threatens To Walk Out Mid-Interview

The most disappointing way to end her career was exactly what happened during Sunday’s Indy 500 and, expectedly, she was not pleased about it. It all comes down to this. Floor it, @DanicaPatrick. ?? #Indy500 #DanicaDouble — GoDaddy (@GoDaddy) May 27, 2018 Danica Patrick‘s career had been plagued with untimely and unfortunate crashes, immense […] More

Danica Patrick’s Career Ends In Disappointment

Just minutes after starting her final race in motorsports, Danica Patrick‘s career has ended in disappointment. Patrick, who announced her retirement from motorsports at the end of last year’s NASCAR Cup Series season, had decided she would race two final times in a tour she was calling the “Danica Double.” Good luck to @DanicaPatrick on […] More

Danica Patrick’s Bold Move Will Make History

During the final moments of her career in motorsports, this top-running female racer is making history…AGAIN. “I have a thing for doing things the first time as a woman,” Danica Patrick said in a giddy tone. Preparing for the final race of her life, the 2018 Indy 500, Danica earned top marks during the qualifying […] More

Danica Patrick’s Dad Tried To Take Down Her Boyfriend

One point of conflict between Danica’s family and Rodgers is that they are diehard Chicago Bears fans – and come from the Greater Chicago Area. Being sports fans, their team allegiance often runs very deep, so this was something that came up the first time Rodgers met the Patrick family…

Amy Earnhardt Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Isla

Just days after celebrating her very first Mother’s Day and showing off this precious gift from above to the world – Amy Earnhardt is sharing another part of her new mom life! When Dale Earnahrdt Jr. and Amy announced that they were expecting their first child in May 2018, the world of NASCAR fans and […] More

Why Dale Jr. Won’t Share Pics Of His Baby

His baby girl is officially a week old, but this famous racing star and his wife have yet to share pictures of their new bundle of joy with anyone outside of their family – and he finally explains why. Thousands of fans flooded social media following the announcement that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy […] More

Dale Jr. & Amy Welcome Beautiful Baby

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally come! After an intense day of waiting and white-knuckle anxiety, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy have welcomed their first child into the world – and they couldn’t be happier! The 43-year-old retired NASCAR star has been waiting a long time to start a family and […] More

Ousted NASCAR Star Makes Surprising Comeback

With sponsorship troubles plaguing his 2017 season, his team officially replaced him in July with another driver – leaving him without a ride for the current season. Many said this would be the end for Matt Kenseth – but they were all wrong. Kenseth, who started out driving in the NASCAR Cup Series for Roush […] More

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