Why Dale Jr. Won’t Share Pics Of His Baby

His baby girl is officially a week old, but this famous racing star and his wife have yet to share pictures of their new bundle of joy with anyone outside of their family – and he finally explains why. Thousands of fans flooded social media following the announcement that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy […] More

Dale Jr. & Amy Welcome Beautiful Baby

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally come! After an intense day of waiting and white-knuckle anxiety, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy have welcomed their first child into the world – and they couldn’t be happier! The 43-year-old retired NASCAR star has been waiting a long time to start a family and […] More

Ousted NASCAR Star Makes Surprising Comeback

With sponsorship troubles plaguing his 2017 season, his team officially replaced him in July with another driver – leaving him without a ride for the current season. Many said this would be the end for Matt Kenseth – but they were all wrong. Kenseth, who started out driving in the NASCAR Cup Series for Roush […] More

Ward Family Forced To Settle With Tony Stewart

According to the family, the had no option but to agree to a settlement with longtime NASCAR star Tony Stewart after the tragic death of their 20-year-old son, Kevin Ward Jr. in 2014. The Ward family and Tony Stewart walked out of a Utica, New York courtroom on Thursday, April 12th after being forced to […] More

NASCAR Champ Makes Unexpected Return

This NASCAR Hall of Famer has just blown everyone’s mind with his unexpected entry for a full-time season in 2018. Known for his seemingly-endless string of wins during his run in NASCAR‘s Cup Series, Bobby Labonte is making a return to full-time racing that nobody saw coming. Announced earlier today, April 9th, 2018, Labonte will […] More

Dale Jr. Confesses He Stole From His Dad

The recently-retired NASCAR driver opened up during an episode of his weekly podcast where he admitted to stealing from his father – but when you find out why, you’ll have a laugh! Dale Earnhardt Jr. wasn’t always the 14-time most-popular driver in NASCAR. No, he was a kid just like all of us. And sometimes, […] More

Tony Stewart Ends Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Just a few weeks before the trial was set to begin, former NASCAR star Tony Stewart ended a wrongful death lawsuit that had been going on for over two years. The trial, which was set to begin on May 7th, 2018 – was the result of ongoing litigation between Stewart and the family of Kevin […] More

Concussion Issues Haunt Dale Jr.

He ended his career over the risk of permanent injury due to crashes and changed gears to focus on his personal life…but it appears that the effects of his previous medical condition still haunt him. Dale Earnhardt Jr. opened up to his friends and fans in a recent podcast episode. The longtime driver and NASCAR star explained the panic […] More

Dale Jr.’s Wife Gives Update On Pregnancy With Adorable Photo

Looks like these two are just about ready to be parents! Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his beautiful wife Amy are gearing up to welcome their first child together, the glowing soon-to-be mother taking to Instagram to give an update on her pregnancy. “Currently feeling like this happy, fat unicorn. Belly full of Wendy’s and my […] More

Jimmie Johnson’s Car Destroyed At Daytona

In the qualifying round for the 60th Annual Daytona 500, the current NASCAR champion saw his car get completely destroyed and took down two other vehicles in a crash that had everyone gasping. Jimmie Johnson, a 7-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, is currently the only active driver with multiple Daytona 500 wins – but that […] More

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