Dale Jr.’s Surprising Confession About Off-Track Driving

Twitter/DIY Network

Just days after one of the biggest races of the year, this longtime NASCAR star is making a startling confession about his driving when he’s not on the track.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy Earnhardt sat down with DIY Network this week just a few days after watching the world-famous Indy 500 over the weekend – and they played a fun little game.

This famous pair recently have been promoting their upcoming renovation show on the DIY Network and with that, debuted their first-ever preview of the show before it’s official premiere on June 2nd.

This fun and loving couple sat down to see if they both could agree on who was better at certain things in this game. Each got a set of paddles with their names on them. When the producers asked a question, they would hold up the paddle to answer it – and then laugh and giggle about how they responded.

The first question was a doozy – and revealed a very little known fact about Dale Jr. that turned into a mini-confessional for the famous race car driver.

Who is the better driver?

Each of them held up their own names – and then chuckled before Amy got straight down to business.


“First of all – I drive the most anyway,” Amy said confidently to her husband. 

“Yeah, I don’t like to drive,” Dale Jr. agreed.

Amy continued on saying that Dale Jr. likes to play on his iPad and get driven around, throwing in a little barb – “So that’s my job!”


While that might have caught fans by surprise, it was Dale Jr.’s next confession that will really throw them through a loop!

“But if he’s driving…he’s going 10 under the speed limit and it drives me nuts,” Amy exclaimed.

And Dale Jr. confessed, “I am a slow driver! She’ll be like ‘Can we go faster?'”

For a man who regularly drove around 175 mph on a racetrack, it appears he’s not a lead foot when driving on civilian streets! But Amy might be – all we know is that she likes to drive faster than he does!

Watch their full interview game with DIY Network below!