Amy Earnhardt Falls Down Staircase

Instagram/Dale Jr

Just before the debut of their brand new remodeling TV special, new mom Amy Earnhardt took a tumble down a staircase outside of a local restaurant – and made a fair scene of it!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy debuted their new DIY Network show on Saturday, June 2nd, but the day prior – as they were out on a date, Amy fell down the stairs as they were making their way out to the car.

These new home improvement stars were out on a well-deserved date night at Kindred Restaurant in Davidson, North Carolina when the whole thing went down, and as Amy makes it sound, all was going according to plan – until her memorable departure.


According to her posts on Instagram, Amy managed to make it out just fine – but she did hurt her pride – and said she’d be hiding in her pajamas for the next month!

“As we left I totally fell down the stairs,” she wrote on her story. “Yep. Whole place heard me. So I’ll be in my pjs at home for the next month.”

She wrote this over a photo of her delicious-looking meal and quipped with “sorry for disturbing the peace, y’all.


Sweetly, the restaurant had given her a congratulatory card for the birth of her brand new daughter, Isla Rose, and thanked her for visiting their establishment. Amy returned the favor saying, “Thanks! I promise to be more subtle next time I’m in.” 


Luckily the only thing Amy hurt during the staircase adventure was her pride – and she was able to celebrate the premiere of her new show alongside Dale Jr. the very next night!

Check out the clip below of their new show and let us know if you watched the first episode!