Brett Young Shares Old Photo Of Carrie Underwood From 2005

Tim Mosenfelder / Contributor / Getty Images

If you’ve been following Carrie Underwood since the start of her journey on American Idol, you know that she’s undergone a series of style transformations over the years. Even though her style has varied, she is perhaps best known for her flashy dresses (which show off those toned legs) and her long, flowing hair.

Take this picture she shared from behind the scenes of the Sunday Night Football opener shoot as a prime example of her signature style.

While most people think of long hair when they think of Underwood, she’s proven that she can rock a shorter cut as well. In fact, she had her hair cut short throughout 2016 and 2017, before she started wearing extensions to get back to her signature long locks.

As shocking as Underwood’s short hair was to fans when she first debuted it, no hairstyle has been more dramatic than the ones she sported during her time on American Idol. While some looks were fairly tame by today’s standards, others were a bit more wild.

Just look at the kinky curls she was rockin’ during the Idol finale!

But those curls weren’t just something dreamed up by the Idol hair and makeup team. Underwood seemed to enjoy sporting a curlier look back in the day, and we’re not talking subtle curls.

If you forgot about that era in Underwood’s style history, “In Case You Didn’t Know” singer Brett Young is here to remind you.

Taking to Instagram, Young shared an old photo of his first meeting with Underwood at a Los Angeles Dodgers game back in 2005. While Young looks pretty similar to the way he looks now, Underwood is nearly unrecognizable when compared to her current self.

And holy moly, check out that hair!

Just look at those two kids!

No matter what, Underwood has always been an image of beauty. See some of her latest looks by checking out her gorgeous video for “Cry Pretty,” below.