You’re Wrong If You Don’t Want These A1 Meat-Scented Candles


Want to irritate the vegetarians in your midst or even better, come home to the aroma of steak every night after being at work all day? You deserve it.

Steak Every Night

How could I possibly afford steak every night? Never fear. The wax-filled answer is here.

A1 Steak Sauce now has a wonderful, waxy solution to all your meat-driven problems. You can soothe yourself with the Original Meat Candle, eau de Backyard BBQ or if you’re feeling a little cheap, you can bathe in the aroma of the classic Burger Candle.

Heavy Sigh

Did I just hear you expel a HUGE sigh of relief? Were you feeling like you were in a pickle, but now you can “ketchup” on all you need to do…that you can “mustard” the energy to get through the day.

Buy a set for dad to celebrate Father’s Day. Keep a couple for yourself. Why should Dad get all the smelly pleasure of the beefy, brawny scent?

All this for only $14.99? Yes. It’s true.

Just When You Thought You Had Everything

Just when you thought you had all you needed for a happy life, you’re presented with glass containers of waxen beef that fulfills all your dreams with a single match.

It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better

Can life get any better? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Meanwhile, take a look at this lifesaving assortment and don’t let your drool hit the floor.

Which scent is your favorite? Are you on your way to get one of these now….?

Let us help you. Order here.