See Dale Jr.’s 1st Father’s Day With His Beautiful Baby Girl

Instagram/Amy Earnhardt

Having already celebrated Mother’s Day with his stunning wife, this NASCAR star and famous sports personality got to have his own day to celebrate being a dad!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Isla Rose, into the world on April 30th, 2018 – just a day before their expected due date.

Together, they couldn’t have been happier!

In the time since baby Isla Rose has been born, Dale Jr. has talked extensively about his time as a new father and even opened up about what it’s like to see Amy’s natural instincts at work while she tends to their bundle of joy.

Now, on Father’s Day 2018 – Dale Jr. was blessed to celebrate it with his bundle of joy and by the look on his face in these precious photos, Isla has him wrapped around her little finger already!


Headed out for a Father’s Day meal with her own dad and Dale Jr., beautiful Amy Earnhardt had someone take a sweet snapshot of all her favorite men alongside little Isla Rose.

In another post celebrating the day of dads, Amy showed off her husband holding Isla and beaming down at her with a look that showed how much he loves her.

“Happy Father’s Day to Dale Jr., my Dad and all of the daddy’s out there! Honey, I love you more than ever. Isla is one lucky little girl,” she captioned the candid photo.

All of these precious moments prove just how lucky of a gal little Isla Rose is with these incredibly loving parents and family members. What a Father’s Day for Dale Jr.!

Watch the video below of Dale Jr. talking about the day his baby girl was born.