Try Not To Laugh At The Poem Luke Bryan’s Wife Wrote For Father’s Day

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

Country Artists’ Wives Write Father’s Day Wishes

If you hopped on social media on June 17, 2018, your feed was likely flooded with posts of people wishing their fathers a happy Father’s Day. If you happen to follow any country stars, you’d see that they also took the time to recognize their dads on the special day.

For the country singers who are fathers themselves, they were also recognized by the ones they love. Many of their wives took to social media to praise their skills as a father, sharing heartwarming photos of them with their children.

Like most, Luke Bryan‘s wife Caroline made sure to acknowledge him on the special day. But the way she went about doing so was more comical than you could ever imagine.

Caroline Brings Humor To Father’s Day Message

If you know anything about Luke, you know he’s got a goofy personality and a great sense of humor. He found his perfect match in Caroline, who is quite the comic…maybe even more so than Luke!

Those who follow Caroline on social media have grown used to her outlandish sense of humor and love of sharing not-so-flattering photos of herself and her husband.

She decided to combine those two things in her Father’s Day message to Luke. You better brace yourself, because you’re about to get a good chuckle out of this.

Seems Sweet, But Wait For The Funny

On the surface, Caroline’s Father’s Day tribute to Luke seems sweet. The first photo you see in the set is one of him with their boys Bo and Tate, and their nephew Til, who they’ve been raising since Luke’s brother-in-law passed away in 2014 (Luke’s sister, Til’s mother, passed away 14 years prior).

If you scroll through the pictures, you see a few more nice portraits, including ones with Til’s sisters. They’re adults, so Luke and Caroline haven’t been raising them, though have always opened their home to them.

But once you get past those pictures, you see some of the more comical variety, with plenty of funny faces to be found.

As humorous as the pictures may be, what Caroline wrote in the caption was the most hysterical part. She penned a short Father’s Day poem for Luke, and ended it with a poop emoji.

We’ll let you read the hilarity yourself…

Hopefully Luke had a fun and relaxing Father’s Day with his sons, nieces, and nephew! Maybe he got the chance to live out the title of his hit single and experience the “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset.” Give that song a listen in the clip below.

Happy Father’s Day to Luke and all of the dads out there!