Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Fights Back Against Her Mommy-shamers On Instagram

brittanyaldean / Instagram

This supermom has no time for negativity in her busy schedule.

Jason Aldean and his beautiful wife Brittany welcomed recently welcomed their second child together in early February 2019. With a growing toddler, Memphis and newborn baby Navy Rome, these proud parents are feeling complete. Since Memphis’ birth in 2017, Jason and Brittany have been thrilling fans with pictures and videos of their “little man” on his journey through life.

In addition to their littles, Jason has two daughters from his previous marriage, Keeley (14) and Kendyl (10). While she may have not been there from the beginning, Brittany has played the critical role of step-mother to Keeley and Kendyl since marrying their father back in 2015.

Wishing Jason a happy Father’s Day, Brittany posted a sweet photo of Jason holding their son as well as a photo of her own dad. While the photo appears to be nothing but positive, it seems like Brittany can’t do anything these days without receiving hate.

”Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!! Especially my husband (who is the best daddy in the whole world.. so thankful you’re the one I get to have chunky babies with) and my Dad… who is the coolest, sweetest man… and now I get to see you be a grandpa to Memphis… You’re the best? Love you both so much?”  Brittany captioned the sweet Instagram post.


Following the post, social media trolls criticized Brittany for only posting a photo of the country singer with baby Memphis and not a full family photo including Kendyl and Keeley.

brittanyaldean / Instagram

Having enough of unnecessary hate in her comments, Brittany fought back pointing out that if she had included her step-daughters the same people would criticize her for including them because she’s ‘only their step-mom.’

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