NASCAR Driver Rushed To Hospital After Snake Attacked Dog

Twitter / MattDRacing

One NASCAR star and his wife rushed to the local veterinary hospital earlier today after a terrifying incident involving a copperhead snake and their beloved dog – right in front of their eyes.

The couple, Matt DiBenedetto and his wife Taylor adopted their fluffy white dog, Brian, not too long ago and, of course, he loves to be outside in their big backyard. But, with being outside a lot – sometimes you can run into wild animals…like a snake.

Their young adopted pup has been a central part of their life and holds a big place in their hearts, but something happened when all three of them were out in the backyard earlier today (May 9th, 2019).

In a brief post on Twitter, DiBenedetto opened up to his friends, family, and fans about what happened to Brian, saying: “Rushing Brian to the animal hospital. He got bit by a copperhead on his nose while we were in the back yard with him.” 

Friends, family, and fans waited with bated breath to find out if the pup would be okay after this scary encounter with a venomous snake.

Copperhead snakes are known for their dangerous bite and distinct appearance. They are native to much of the South and Eastern parts of the United States and are a type of pit viper. These snakes mainly eat small rodents, insects, and reptiles – so it likely attacked the dog because it felt threatened.

Luckily, Matt DiBenedetto shared another update after getting to the hospital with Brian and showed off how severe the injury really was, along with providing an update about his prognosis.

“Copperhead – 1 Brian – 0,” he started writing. “He should be fine but he will be at the vet all day. Poor guy definitely doesn’t feel well and is swelling a lot (couldn’t get a good pic).”

People started sending their well-wishes and sharing their sentiments of relief that the dog would be alright in the moments that followed, and in less than 30 minutes – the post had nearly 200 likes and a seemingly endless string of replies.

Check out the full post about Brian’s crazy ordeal with the copperhead snake below. Get better soon, Brian!