NASCAR Driver Drops Child Down Pillow Chute


Captured on tape just from across the aisle of a local Target, this often-polarizing NASCAR star drops his young son right into the top of a massive pillow chute.

Currently, in the racing off-season, 33-year-old Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha have been busy running around town putting the finishing touches on their holiday shopping and it appears that they had some extra time to horse around!

Taking to the aisles of a local Publix supermarket, Busch and his son Brexton played faux NASCAR with some carts and did a ‘bump and run’ against mom Samantha’s cart as she was filming them.

Brexton was all sorts of giggles during this slow-motion collision as he sat in the driver’s seat of this racecar-themed shopping cart.

Beyond some of the off-season shopping shenanigans, this adorable family of three also took some time to play in the snow – and it was a day that ended in smiles.

But, it was when they arrived at a local Target store that things got really wild! In what seems to be a very candid moment, Samantha Busch captures her husband and their son finding some trouble with the massive pillow chute set up on an endcap.

Picking up the youngster, Kyle lifts him over his head and right into the top of this seven-foot-tall pillow chute and bin. Overflowing with cellophane-wrapped luxurious loft pillows, the chute was a plush and padded container.

“Kyle!” Samantha shouted. “Kyle – you can’t do that!”

As Brexton’s weight brought him sliding down through the endless number of pillows, you can hear him giggle and squeal, getting folded in half and eventually dragged out by his feet when Kyle has to release him from the bin.

Watch this adventure from the Busch boys below – surely everyone dreamed of doing this as a child!