Little Girl Can’t Stop Laughing While Riding A Horse

Jukin Media / YouTube

Anyone who has been on a horse knows how much fun it can be. The wind in your hair, fresh air and the thrill of it all could make even an adult excited. So when you put a little girl on one, it is bound to be a magical moment…

A Cheerful Little One

During a normal day on the ranch, one little girl got the ride of her lifetime. Dressed up in her fuchsia jacket and a riding helmet, the little one could not stop laughing as the horse galloped along.

Learning To Ride

For as tiny as she is, it is awesome seeing her have as much fun as she is! Learning to ride is no easy feat. Heck, most kids her age still haven’t learned to ride a bike!

A Future Barrel Racer?

For most little girls growing up in the country, becoming a barrel racer is a huge dream! It takes a lot of hard work to get there but for the girls who love riding, it is worth it. And from the looks of it, this little one loves being on a horse and is totally not afraid to try out new things.

Her Laugh Is Contagious

This little girl is confident in her skills! The entire video she can’t stop smiling and giggling as the horse gallops and trots along. When you hear the pure joy in her voice, you’ll be laughing right along with her!

Jukin Media / YouTube

You can watch the adorable moment unfold in the video below!