Willie Nelson Rejected Kenny Rogers’ Offer To Record “The Gambler”

The Iconic Kenny Rogers Song “The Gambler” Could Have Gone To Willie Nelson When Kenny Rogers discovered “The Gambler,” he thought it was the perfect song for his friend, Willie Nelson. But when Rogers offered the track to Nelson, he turned it down. Why? The history of “The Gambler” goes back a bit further than […] More

Kacey Musgraves Keeps Unique Gift From Willie Nelson On Her Wall

Country star Kacey Musgraves recently opened up her Nashville home for a feature in Architectural Digest. During the tour of her abode, various pieces of memorabilia were on display, including a unique gift from Willie Nelson. The 33-year-old “Rainbow” singer purchased a 3500-square-foot home in Nashville following her divorce from Ruston Kelly in 2020. She […] More

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