Willie Nelson Visibly Impressed By Son Lukas’ Talent While Performing Together

Lukas Nelson/YouTube

It’s an incredible thing to see a father and his sons maintain a meaningful relationship into adulthood. Seeing country legend Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah collaborate for a full album is even better.

The trio of Nelsons came together to record the album Willie Nelson and the Boys, featuring seven Hank Williams songs, and more from Hank Cochran, Hank Locklin, Hank Snow and Alyssa Miller. Along with releasing the album, Micah, Lukas, and Willie have been releasing intimate performances of each track, which they recorded at their ranch inside a saloon with a sign that reads, “Willie’s Place.”


Who are Micah and Lukas Nelson?

Micah and Lukas are Willie’s youngest children, born in 1990 and 1988,m respectively. Willie shares them with his wife, Annie D’Angelo.

They are both talented musicians and often perform with their legendary father. Lukas also is in a band called Lukas Nelson and The Promise of The Real. He also helped write the music in the Bradley Cooper film A Star Is Born, and was even a member of Cooper’s band in the film.

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In this particular video, they performed a song that wasn’t on Willie Nelson and the Boys, but one that Lukas released with his band earlier this year called “Just Outside Of Austin.” Lukas sang lead vocals on the song, with his father playing guitar and his brother offering percussion by tapping on his guitar in syncopated beats. At some points in the song, you can see Willie sitting still, just admiring Lukas’ talent.


“Just Outside Of Austin” is included on Lukas’  LP titled Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real and was written solely by Lukas. Watch the Nelson men perform “Just Outside of Austin” below.