Bald Eagles Scare Off Predators To Protect Eggs

NBC Palm Springs / YouTube

Friends of Big Bear Valley released an update about two eagles, Jackie and Shadow on what a good job they have been doing protecting their eggs in their nest by the lake.

The organization said they had been tag-teaming Sunday and Monday with only one minute between one of them flying off and the other one returning to the nest to stand guard. Sandy, a spokesperson for Friends of Big Bear Valley said one of the eagles was already in the nest or on the back porch of the nest before the other eagle left.

Sandy went on to write on Friends of Big Bear Valley, “Shadow started shouting at someone in the neighborhood–likely, it was the ravens that had been talking nearby earlier. Jackie came rushing right in to join him, shouting from the back porch as he continued yelling from the nest. Whoever it was, got the message, literally loud and clear.”

She said that a couple of hours later while Jackie was sitting on the nest, another intruder was getting too close and Shadow had to come to the rescue. He came flying back to the nest at the sound of Jackie’s call to make sure his lady and eggs were okay.

Once he knew that everything was good at the nest, he looked around and spotted what was intruding their airspace. It wasn’t the ravens, this time it was a deadlier predator, a hawk. Shadow didn’t waste any time and took to the air to chase the hawk away.

“Shadow flew right out and took up an air chase to make sure he got the message,” Sandy said.

Video footage below shows the incredible moment Jackie started screaming for Shadow to come back to the nest and help protect their future babies. Click below to see it.