Ever Wondered Why Some Barns Have Stars?

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When enjoying the views of rural farmland, you’ll likely see many barn sides decorated with five-point stars. While these stars have been a mainstay of down-home country decor for decades, they have an interesting Germanic history.

In Germany, these metal five-point stars are believed to bring good luck. If you notice many of these stars on the sides of barns as you drive through an area, there’s a good chance you’re in a hotbed of Germanic heritage.


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Many have heard of the old German idea of hanging a horseshoe on a barn to keep unwanted spirits and energy away from the farm. The tradition of hanging five-point metal stars on barns got started with a similar mentality. Some German farmers would paint intricate stars on their barns. These barn-side stars were called “hex signs.” This terminology was derived from the German term “hexe,” meaning “witch.”


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Over time, it became more convenient to purchase pre-made stars, rather than spending hours painting a detailed design on the side of a barn. Stars-for-purchase were made with roofing tin, which provided a rusty look.

Today, barn stars are as likely to be seen on the side of a barn as in the home of Americana decor enthusiasts across the country.

Watch this unique video below about the intricate barn stars painted by the Pennsylvania Dutch.