Bellamy Brothers Sing Their 1979 #1 Song With Blake Shelton – Blake Bows Down To Them

Facebook / The Bellamy Brothers

One arena of lucky fans got a performance of a lifetime while attending Blake Shelton‘s Friends & Heroes Tour. Accompanied by an array of talented acts, he has been illuminating the stage with powerful performances. At a February 2019 show in Kansas City, Shelton himself was even in awe over this particular moment.

Friends & Heroes Tour

Shelton’s 2019 tour kicked off on Valentine’s Day in his home state of Oklahoma. The singer brought along some talented friends too: the Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson, Trace Adkins, and Lauren Alaina. While their hilarious tour announcement had fans excited, the real fun began once on the road.

Bowing Down To The Legends

At their Feb. 15 show in Kansas City, Shelton invited the brothers and Adkins on stage for a little sing-along – ultimately being left speechless himself. With all four of the men sitting with guitars in hand, they began singing an acoustic version of the Bellamy Brothers 1979 hit, “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me.”

As the brothers took the lead vocals, Shelton sat there in admiration, singing along as if he was one of the fans in the crowd. Adkins played the harmonies on his guitar, also admiring the two talents.

Once they finished, Shelton got up and began bowing down to the brothers! As they smiled and laughed, the crowd went wild.

Facebook / The Bellamy Brothers

This is one performance you don’t want to miss!

Watch Blake bow down after the Bellamy Brothers’ acoustic “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me” here.