9 Days After Bringing Him Home, Luke Bryan’s Dog Has Passed Away

Caroline Bryan / Luke Bryan / Instagram

On February 11, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline welcomed a new family member into their home, an 18-year-old dog named Poochie.


The Bryans’ house was already full with three growing boys (their sons Bo and Tate and 17-year-old nephew Til) with them full time, their college-aged nieces home for the holidays and the summer, and two pups to take care of.


Luckily, they had room – in their house and their hearts – for one more, because the second Luke and Caroline heard about Poochie, they knew they had to take him in.

The animal rescue where they found him, Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, posted the good news on social media.

The dog the Bryan’s adopted was given to the rescue when his previous family became allergic to him. The animal rescuers expected Poochie to be a foster for the rest of his life, but “God had different plans.”

“After reading about Poochie on our social media, Luke Bryan and his beautiful wife, Caroline applied and adopted Poochie this past Saturday!” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “He is pictured here with his new mom, Caroline and his previous foster, Lacy Marie! He is loving life on the Bryan farm and soaking up all their love. Who knows, maybe Poochie will inspire a country song!


Poochie enjoyed his days on the Bryan’s farm, roaming around the land and enjoying the love of a huge family. Sadly, Caroline took to Instagram just nine days after bringing Poochie home, on Wednesday (Feb 20), to reveal that Poochie had passed away.

“My heart is sad but full to post this..our sweet Prince Poochie has passed away. He lived 18 years and was loved by so many people. My kids especially loved to hear him snore when he slept,” she captioned a series of videos and photos of the adorable dog.

Caroline also thanked the Animal Rescue for “giving our family the opportunity to love this sweet dog.”

See her sweet tribute to Poochie below. Rest in peace, buddy…