Bindi Irwin & Fiancé Chandler Powell Introduce New Puppy

Bindi Irwin / Instagram

Bindi Irwin and her fiancé, Chandler Powell, welcomed the New Year by welcoming a new family member!

The soon-to-be married couple recently brought home a new puppy, and Bindi couldn’t wait to introduce her on social media. “Chandler and I are so happy to introduce you to our sweetheart Piggy,” Bindi wrote alongside a slideshow containing two images of the tiny pup. “2020 is going to be beautiful. Happy New Year.”

Piggy appears to be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed known for its friendliness, which makes it a great family dog.

Little Piggy is named after another beloved pet of Bindi’s, her late chicken, Piggy. The Irwins had Piggy the chicken for nearly 13 years before she passed away in October 2019.

Now, Piggy the puppy will receive the same level of affection that her namesake did before her. She is already beloved by the other Irwin family members, including Bindi’s brother, Robert.

Robert took to his social media to share his own photos of Piggy, as well as a video of her playing with him. It’s as precious as can be!

Bindi and Robert’s mom, Terri, also took some time to introduce her family’s newest addition. In her post, she remembered past dogs in the Irwins’ lives, including Steve’s dog, Sui. Bindi’s middle name, “Sue,” is actually in Sui’s honor.

After remembering the dogs that have been part of her family in the past, Terri wrote, “Robert loves Stella dearly, & now Piggy will be your very best friend.”

The “Stella” Terri mentioned is the Irwins’ pug, who is so beloved she has her own Instagram account. Now, it appears that Piggy will be featured on the account alongside her “sister.”

I’m so excited to officially be sharing my Instagram account with my new little sister. Piggy is adorable and I’ll share all of our adventures together,” reads the caption to one post on the account.

Stella and Piggy are both adorable!

To get an idea of just how much love Piggy is due to receive in life, check out the below video of Bindi and Robert talking about Stella.

Welcome to the Irwin family little Piggy! We can’t wait to see more photos of her in the future.