Blake Confronts Ariana For Stabbing Him In The Back During “Voice” Blind Auditions

Blake Shelton / Instagram

During the September 27th episode of The Voice, Blake Shelton found a new foe in new coach Ariana Grande. And this instance happened when Grande wasn’t even fighting Shelton for a singer!

Jeremy Rosado performed the Rascal Flatts song “Here Comes Goodbye,” but put an R&B spin on it, capturing the attention of Kelly Clarkson and Shelton, who both turned around for him. While vying for Rosado to be on her team, Clarkson pointed out that she, too, enjoys to cover country music but put an R&B spin on the song.

Rosado admitted that his daughter is obsessed with Ariana Grande and would love to meet her one day, so Shelton tried to use his budding new friendship with the pop star to his advantage. He looked over at Grande and said, “Hey Arian, buddy. Don’t you think I’d be a great coach for Jeremy?

She responded, “You want my real opinion?” and at that point, Shelton wasn’t so sure if he wanted her real opinion!

Grande admitted, “I think that Kelly would be able to help you. I do think that Kelly might be the right fit,” which did not sit well with Shelton, who had been buttering up the pop star to be an ally for himself! Shelton even likened himself to having a grandfather/granddaughter relationship with Grande.


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Rosado ended up choosing Clarkson over Shelton and in Shelton’s eyes, losing Rosado was Grande’s fault.

After the audition, Grande was doing an interview and the “Happy Anywhere” singer confronted her about what just happened.

You stabbed me in the back,” he said. “I was standing right here on the edge of the cliff and you pushed me over the edge.”

Grande thought he was jokingly mad at her, but he seemed very serious! As he walked away, Shelton said, “You’re not my granddaughter anymore.

Grande, in an attempt to make-up with him said, “Grandpa, no! Now where am I going to go for Christmas?”

Watch their hilarious back and forth below.