Blake & Kelly Made A Deal For Her To “Shut Up”


After the first few episodes of The Voice aired, fans were all over social media talking about Kelly Clarkson‘s personality and the addition of her to the show – among other changes for season 14.

Alongside Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Adam Levine are all in coaches’ chairs for the new season and their fancy new red chairs feature a big ol’ “block button” that has taken a unique twist on the blind auditions. But beyond these few changes, it appears that Clarkson and Shelton have upped the stakes of winning quite a bit.

While Shelton isn’t necessarily soft-spoken, many may think he is after hearing Clarkson pipe up with her energetic and feisty personality! Folks all over social media have both praised and criticized her for her very bubbly nature – but it looks like that might come to a screeching halt.

In a new interview with 102.7 KIIS FM, Shelton and Clarkson sit down and discuss the “deal” they made that could force her to “shut up” – even if just for a few minutes!

Shelton has taken home top honors on The Voice a multitude of times, but Clarkson is willing to bet that she could dethrone him this season with her experience as a contestant on a similar show.

“So now, they not only get my help…knowing how to navigate a show,” she told the station. “Because it is about strategy, a bit. It’s not always about just who has the biggest or best voice – it’s about song selection.”

She might be right about one thing – song selection is incredibly important, but does that mean that’s the key to winning? She certainly thinks so!

“I’m pretty much gonna beat him!” Clarkson revealed. “We’ve made a bet and shook hands. And when I win he has to call me Queen Kelly Clarkson. Like ‘Yes, Queen,’ – ‘No, Queen’.”

“…and if I lose,” she giggled. “I have to shut up for five minutes!”

Even though Clarkson says song selection is the most important factor, Shelton explained that his thought was more along the lines of communication.

“The key thing to winning this show is the communication between a coach and an artist,” he said calmly. “You know how communication works? Two people have to be able to get a word in and with Kelly Clarkson – there’s a one person conversation in the room.”

Watch Kelly and Blake’s hysterical interview about their “deal” below and tell us who you think will win!