Blake Shelton Shows His Vulnerable Side In Stripped Down Version Of ‘She Talks To Angels’

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

It isn’t often that we get to see Blake Shelton this way.

In this unplugged performance of “She Talks to Angels,” Shelton completely blew us away with his delivery. He tackled each note with such a great sense of passion that it gives us chills all over.

Shelton had a lot to live up to when it came to performing “She Talks to Angels.” The song was originally recorded by American rock band The Black Crowes, and was released as the fourth single from their debut album Shake Your Money Maker in 1990. The single hit #1 on the U.S Rock charts, and has been covered by countless others.

However, no one sings it quite like Shelton did. Who would have thought that a country boy could dominate a performance of a beloved rock song? But Shelton did just that, and he did so with incredible ease.

This performance proves Shelton’s versatility as an artist, as well as his ability to connect to songs with deep emotions. Even though Shelton covered the song years ago, we still find ourselves in awe whenever we watch him sing it.

Now you can understand what we’re talking about by watching Shelton’s impressive performance of “She Talks to Angels” in the video below. He really blows this one out of the water, don’t you agree?