Compilation: Parents Trick Their Kids With Thanksgiving Turkey Pranks

america'sfunniesthomevideos / YouTube

Leaves have faded from green to brown, the smell of pine blows through the air, scarves shield the necks of all from a cool breeze, and millions of Americans across the nation are preparing their stomachs for what’s to come. That right, folks! Thanksgiving is finally upon us.

In a hysterical series of videos, families gear up the star of the show, the Thanksgiving turkey, for the most important day of his year. From fake “turkey pregnancies,” plastic turkey legs, and mysterious phones found within the bird, this video will have you laughing all day long.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

“How’d you get a pregnant turkey?!”

“Do I take this out? My phone was in it!”

& lots & lots of “Oh My Gosh! It had a baby!”


Youtube / America’s Funniest Home Videos

You can watch the hilarious video below and be sure to share your favorite turkey-day stories.