Brazilian Musicians Make Leap Into Southern Rock With Acoustic ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

Leandro Kasan / YouTube

Since Southern rock is typically associated with the Southern U.S., people assume that it is strictly an American genre. But as any Southern rock fan knows, that’s far from the truth.

While Southern rock certainly has its peak popularity in the U.S., the genre has a strong worldwide fan base as well. People in England, Japan, and Brazil can all be heard listening and rocking out to Southern rock staples, especially Lynyrd Skynyrd.

As one of the leading groups in Southern rock, you can bet that Skynyrd has their fair share of fans around the world. Their South American fan base is particularly passionate, which is why the group has made a point to tour the continent in the past.

Skynyrd’s South American fans also take the time to pay tribute to the group through their own renditions of their songs. Take Brazilian musicians Leandro Kasan and Carol Passos for example, who shared a soulful acoustic cover of one of Skynyrd’s biggest hits. We bet you can guess which one…

Got your guess? Well if you thought it was “Sweet Home Alabama,” then you were right on!

While acoustic covers of “Sweet Home Alabama” are nothing new, Kasan and Passos made theirs stand out from all others. Passos took the lead on the song, showing off the folksy quality of her voice. It’s always intriguing to hear a female artist’s take on Skynyrd’s material, and we’d say that Passos does a pretty good job with “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Just as Passos’ vocals deserve some praise, so does the duo’s guitar work. They were really jamming out to that thing!

Perhaps most importantly, Kasan and Passos looked like they were having a fun time playing “Sweet Home Alabama” together. At the end of the day, that’s what Southern rock is all about!

Tune in below watch these two Brazilian rockers make the leap into Southern rock with their cover of “Sweet Home Alabama.” If you’d like to hear more from them, you can check out Kasan’s YouTube channel here and Passo’s channel here.

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