Can We Guess Your Favorite Christmas Movie? (Quiz)

Getty Images

Every December, families gather around the television to enjoy Christmas movies together. Films such as The Santa Clause and Home Alone are the ones that light up these television screens year after year, as they have been dubbed Christmas classics.

Of course, there are a number of other beloved Christmas movies out there, and everyone has their favorite. We’d like to know yours, but we’re not just going to ask you what it is. Instead, we’re going to see if we can figure it out through a quiz!

Below, you’ll find a personality quiz with a series of questions. The answer to each one of these questions will connect back to a popular Christmas movie…or two! By the end of the quiz, whichever movie you connect to the most is the one we’re going to conclude to be your favorite.

Once you’re done, leave us a comment telling us if we guessed the correct movie! We couldn’t include every Christmas movie ever made, so your all-time favorite may not be what you end up with. But we feel pretty confident that the result you get has to be a film that you enjoy!