Can We Guess Your Favorite Christmas Song? (Quiz)

As wonderful as Christmas music is, some people tend to get tired of it after hearing it on loop for an entire month. But even people such as them still can’t help but bop or sway every time their favorite Christmas tune starts playing. With Christmas coming up in just a few days, we’re sure […] More

Can We Guess Your Favorite Christmas Food? (Quiz)

With the Christmas season comes the arrival of all sorts of tasty treats. While sugary sweets are certainly a Christmas favorite, some people also have a fondness for munchies that are a bit more on the savory side. When Christmas rolls around, we’re sure there’s a certain type of food or snack that you instantly […] More

Can We Guess Your Favorite Christmas Movie? (Quiz)

Every December, families gather around the television to enjoy Christmas movies together. Films such as The Santa Clause and Home Alone are the ones that light up these television screens year after year, as they have been dubbed Christmas classics. Of course, there are a number of other beloved Christmas movies out there, and everyone […] More

How Well Do You Know Christmas Hymns? (Quiz)

With the impending arrival of Christmas comes an entire month of Christmas music. After a year in hiding, December marks the time we can finally reacquaint ourselves with our favorite holiday tunes. Popular songs that dominate the radio airwaves at this time of year include “Santa Baby,” “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” “White […] More

Can We Guess Your Favorite ‘Country’ Food? (Quiz)

Y’all know that nothing beats the taste of a home-cooked meal! Over time, country folks have come to adopt certain foods as their own, ranging from carb-loaded breakfasts to barbecue. Many “country” foods share a connection to Southern cuisine, while others take on a bit of a Tex-Mex flair. So there’s a little bit of […] More

Can You Remember Past CMA Awards Winners? (Quiz)

Some of the genre’s brightest stars had their breakout moments during the CMA Awards, whether it was through award wins or performances. After 51 years, many artists have forever become associated with the awards thanks to being CMA “firsts” or for establishing record-breaking winning streaks. In honor of the 51st CMA Awards, we thought we’d […] More

Which ‘Steel Magnolias’ Character Are You? (Quiz)

The 1989 film Steel Magnolias isn’t a country music film in the way that movies like Coal Miner’s Daughter and Walk the Line are. But it still holds a special spot in the hearts of country music fans all over the globe, and there’s many reasons why. First of all, the movie’s focus on love, […] More

How Well Do You Know Songs About Dogs? (Quiz)

As a country music fan, you’re likely used to being picked on by your non-country lovin’ friends. We bet you’ve heard this classic line thrown around dozens of times: “All country songs go, ‘My wife cheated on me, my truck broke down, and my dog ran away,‘” (sung with a terrible twang for emphasis). While […] More