How Well Do You Know Christmas Hymns? (Quiz)

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With the impending arrival of Christmas comes an entire month of Christmas music. After a year in hiding, December marks the time we can finally reacquaint ourselves with our favorite holiday tunes.

Popular songs that dominate the radio airwaves at this time of year include “Santa Baby,” “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” “White Christmas,” and many more. These songs have been covered time and time again, with each cover securing their status as a go-to tune for the next Christmas season.

But as popular as such pieces may be, some of the most treasured Christmas songs are the ones that have been around for years longer, sometimes as long as a century or two. They are Christmas hymns.

These beautiful hymns focus on the story of Jesus’ birth, and are full of feelings associated with joy and celebration. Such songs have been the staple of countless artists’ Christmas albums over the years, especially country artists.

Since these hymns have been around for so long, we’re sure you know them well. Now, we’d like to test exactly how well that is by putting you through our quiz below. We wish you the best of luck!