Which ‘Steel Magnolias’ Character Are You? (Quiz)

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The 1989 film Steel Magnolias isn’t a country music film in the way that movies like Coal Miner’s Daughter and Walk the Line are. But it still holds a special spot in the hearts of country music fans all over the globe, and there’s many reasons why.

First of all, the movie’s focus on love, family, and friendship is something that country fans are easily able to connect to. Secondly, the movie is set in the South, where many country fans reside. Third, country music superstar Dolly Parton stars as one of the main characters in the film…a gossipy beautician named Truvy Jones.

Unlike most movies where the main focus is only on one or two characters, Steel Magnolias revolves around a group of Southern women who all share a connection. Truvy is just one of the characters in the film, and there are a whole host of others!

Today, we thought we’d help y’all have a bit of fun by crafting a quiz that tells you which Steel Magnolias character is the most like you! Leave us a comment with the character you end up with!