Can We Guess Your Favorite Christmas Food? (Quiz)

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With the Christmas season comes the arrival of all sorts of tasty treats. While sugary sweets are certainly a Christmas favorite, some people also have a fondness for munchies that are a bit more on the savory side.

When Christmas rolls around, we’re sure there’s a certain type of food or snack that you instantly start craving more than all others. Are you a big fan of gingerbread cookies, or do you like something more simple, like candy canes?

Hold off on answering that for just a second! Rather than have you leave us a comment with your favorite Christmas food, we want to see if we can figure it out in one of our personality quizzes.

Go ahead and hop on down to our quiz below. We’ll take you through a series of seven questions, then based on your answers we’ll connect you to the Christmas food we think is your all-time favorite. Once you finish up, you have to let us know if we guessed correctly!

Hope you enjoy the quiz!