How Well Do You Know Songs About Dogs? (Quiz)

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As a country music fan, you’re likely used to being picked on by your non-country lovin’ friends. We bet you’ve heard this classic line thrown around dozens of times: “All country songs go, ‘My wife cheated on me, my truck broke down, and my dog ran away,‘” (sung with a terrible twang for emphasis).

While that may be true in a few select cases, you know that not all country songs are like that! But there is at least a small fraction of truth in that nit-picky line…country artists sure have a thing for songs about dogs.

When you really think about it though, it makes perfect sense why country stars love to sing about dogs. After all, they are man’s best friend!

Test yourself on how well you know some of the go-to “dog songs” in country music by taking our quiz below. It’s guaranteed to be a howlin’ good time!