Can We Guess Your Favorite Christmas Song? (Quiz)

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As wonderful as Christmas music is, some people tend to get tired of it after hearing it on loop for an entire month. But even people such as them still can’t help but bop or sway every time their favorite Christmas tune starts playing.

With Christmas coming up in just a few days, we’re sure you’ve already listened to your favorite Christmas song plenty of times by now. We want you to keep that song in mind, because we’re going to try and guess it through a quiz!

This quiz will walk you through a series of random questions, with all of the answers connecting to one of six popular Christmas songs. Obviously, we couldn’t include every Christmas song ever recorded in the quiz, so we went for six of the most well-known.

In addition, all of the songs we included as results have some sort of country music connection. They either originated with country singers, were made popular by country singers, or have been covered by them. Since you’re fans of country music, we’d assume you’d like these songs too!

Once you finish, leave us a comment telling us if we guessed the correct song!