Carrie Underwood Channels Sheer Bravery To Experience What Nightmares Are Made Of

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Country music star Carrie Underwood has continuously been one to wear her faith proudly, even showcasing this in her various faith-inspired songs such as “Something In The Water”. Well, there must be something strong in this gal’s water because the Oklahoma native bit the bullet of bravery and went on one hell of a scare! Underwood uploaded a photo to her Instagram of her and her bass player at what is terrifyingly considered “the most notorious Halloween attractions in the midwest.”

Underwood, who was set to perform at the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota, decided to take advantage of her scarce leisure time and give “The Haunted Basement” a bit of her attention! Although the singer’s photo captures nothing but smiles, we can’t help wonder how her and her bandmate aren’t cringing in fear!


Me and @bassmmmbass looking cray. #soapfactoryhauntedbasement

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The annual attraction has been up and running for 10 years now, however, in this year’s production, “the themes of the basement will focus on a twisted view of real-life horrors with our mangled interpretation of a day in the life of a typical tortured soul.” 

The Haunted Basement
The Haunted Basement

Props to these two brave souls! However, we can’t just hastily forget about the recent scare Underwood encountered courtesy of television personality Ellen DeGeneres. Watch the hilarious moment below!